Companies & Products

HAZMAT Sampling

Sampling Systems - Inline and Reactor

Liquids, Discreet Gases, Liquified Gases

Excellent for Toxic or Hazardous Materials

USA Mixer Company

Mixing and Agitation Problem Solvers

Propeller, Turbine, High Efficiency Mixers

Tank Mixer/Agitator/Reactor Packages

Perfect PD Pumps

Bredel Hose Pumps

Good for Sludge and Abrasive Slurries

Runs Dry, No Seals, No Check Valves

The New Sine Pump

Great Pump for Shear Sensitive Products

High Viscostiy - No Problems

Capacities to 400 gallons per minute

Simple, Easy Metering

Accurate, Versatile Chemical Pump

Flow Rates from .001 to 32 USGPH

ReNu Pump Head changes in minutes

Quadro Ytron Liquids

Quadro - Emulsifier & Dispersion Systems

Quadro - Powder/Liquid Dispersion Systems

 Quadro Vac - Dust Free Powder Conveying

Tube Pump Technology

Peristaltic Tubing Pumps

Meter, Dispense, Transfer Applications

Runs Dry, No Seals, No Check Valves

Precise Gear Metering

Precision Gear Metering Systems

Extrusion Pump Systems

Fiber Spinning Pumps